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Build the USA’s biggest coal terminal? Hell No!

Millennium Bulk Terminals wants to build the country’s biggest coal export terminal right on the shores of the Columbia River, a giant step backward in the fight to shut down carbon bombs and build safe energy infrastructure.

Luckily for us, the project wasn’t rubber-stamped like so many other dirty energy projects are. The WA Dept. of Ecology and Cowlitz County officials released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), that showed what you probably already knew: this massive terminal would put the surrounding communities’ health and livelihoods in danger.

And in exchange for signing away their health, land, water, and tax dollars? Less than 150 jobs. The people of Longview deserve better than this.

Millennium would have loved to see this project get quietly approved, but unfortunately for them, local tribes and Longview residents have the right to a public comment period on the draft EIS before the project can go forward.

The draft EIS revealed some serious red flags about this project, but there are also significant issues with the draft EIS itself. It admits Millennium would have a severe impact on rail and road congestion, but offers no potential fixes. In some instances, it claims “mitigation” can reduce coal dust, rail traffic, and other project impacts. What kind of mitigation? A reporting process for coal dust complaints. This is absurd. A phone call or email to complain about coal dust fouling a person’s lungs, home, and river is not “mitigation.”

Please add your name and submit your comment to the US Army Corps of Engineers, WA Dept. of Ecology, and Cowlitz County officials today.

Note: Officials pay much more attention to personalized messages, so please enter your own comment using the petition tool. You could talk about any concerns you have about the terminal and/or the findings in the EIS.

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